What We Do


Fire Suppression
Vehicle Rescue (Extrication)
Medical First Response
Hazardous Materials Response
Swift Water Rescue

Fire Prevention

Fire Code Inspection and Enforcement
Review plans and plats for commercial construction
Free Smoke Alarm Installations

Community Outreach

The Rutherford County Fire and Rescue Department offers lots of opportunities for classroom talks and safety information. For more information or to request a demonstration, call (615) 867-4626.

Fire and Arson Investigation

The Fire/Arson Investigation Unit of the Rutherford County Fire Rescue Department is tasked with investigating all fire and explosion incidents of a suspicious nature or where a cause cannot readily be determined by fire suppression crews. The Department aggressively investigates the origin and cause fires within Rutherford County in order to focus fire prevention and public education efforts as well as to combat the crime of arson. Rutherford County Fire/Arson Investigators receive extensive training including, but not limited to: origin and cause determination, interviewing and interrogation, evidence collection, and criminal investigations. RCFRD Investigators conduct criminal investigations on all incidents involving suspicious or illegal fire–related incidents. RCFRD Investigators receive certification through the State of Tennessee, the International Association of Arson Investigators, or the National Association of Fire Investigators. Investigators are also authorized to issue citations for fire-related offenses within the State of Tennessee.

The Fire/Arson Investigation Unit works closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies such as the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO), State of Tennessee Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO), the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TB), and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE).

The crime of arson is one of the most costly human-made disasters. Arson indirectly contributes to increased insurance premiums, higher medical costs, lost jobs, lost income, and the increased cost of fire services. The Rutherford County Fire Rescue Department needs your help to combat this serious crime.

“BURN AN ARSONIST!” Contact the Tennessee Arson Hotline to report information on an arson. Information that leads to the successful arrest and conviction of an arsonist can result in a reward of up to $5,000.